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Mr. Game & Watch

2009-07-04 17:26:46 by cainine-k9

So... I made a Mr. Game & Watch recreation. Play it here:

Hope you like it

A new Post

2009-02-04 16:24:06 by cainine-k9


Well, I guess its time for a new news post, as I havent posted in about 3 months. Things have be slow with making flash games, however, I have a game the mini-game collab which is due to come out mid-february this year. I'll post a link to it when it comes out.

As well, I am trying to work on two ASCII games right now:

Throwing blocks gam-ish thing: Right now I am working on a block throwing-ish game. The main idea of the game will be to drag/throw a block to a specific area without hitting any objects. Ill probably upadte this and add a screenshot of this later as the flash file is on my laptop.

Sim Roflcopter: My first roflcopter game was a test to see if I could work with the roflcopter to make a parody game of Sim Copter(if you havent heard of this game, its just awesome). I plan have most of the stuff from Sim copter in Sim roflcopter, which should be pretty cool. I wont really be able to work on this till Summer due to school and stuff however.

Ya, so thats pretty much it for now. If anyone has any ideas for a ASCII game or has a good place to find ASCII art ideas, please PM or comment here. Thanks for reading!

Update: I fixed the right-click problem, and im getting pretty close to half way done my block game thingy, sadly, still no screenshot :(

Update 2: The minigame collab is coming out April 5th! Sorry for the long wait. Ill post a link when it comes out.

My roflcopter game has been released! View it now!


2008-09-20 14:12:36 by cainine-k9

Bronze Whisle!


2008-06-28 09:56:44 by cainine-k9

Yay! I'm in sprite a day 29! I feel so special that I'm making this post. Sure, you may think my part is pretty lame, but I still like. Check it out.

In other news, me and my brother are thinking of making in awesome spoof...thats all im gonna say for now...

Random Post

2008-05-31 12:53:56 by cainine-k9

Im gonna try to make a game, but it may or may not be very good